Sunday, June 17, 2012

Build a Bear

Build a Bear is Kristina's all time favorite store.  Whenever we go to the mainland we have to go to Build a Bear.  She has about 8 of these teddies and her Uncle who lives on the mainland usually gets her one for her birthday and for Christmas.  She has a big bin of clothing for them, they have pj's to wear to bed and clothes for lounging around and of course their fancy dressy clothes for going out.  I really thought that she would have grown out of playing with teddies by now, not that I think she needs to I was just surprised. 

We were sent this gorgeous teddy for review, shes a super mom!  Kristina was thrilled when this cute little girl showed up and she has been playing with her every since.  If you haven't taken your little one to Build a Bear yet its a must do.  First you pick out what bear you want to build.  They have have more than bears, they have a bunny, I think I saw a penguin and of course lots and lots of different bears.  So you choose out your bears heart and tell it all about what kind of bear you want it to be, kiss it and hug it and then stuff it inside the bear and an employee stuffs the bear, with your help of course.

They you get to bath (blow off and brush) your bear and then pick out clothes and anything else you can think about, plus some things you never thought you could buy for a bear, and then you are off.  The kids love it and want to go back again and again.

One of the best things I think they do is birthday parties.  You can take your friends and you each get to make a bear to keep.  How awesome is that!  Its not at your house, no mess, and it even includes the animal to take home so you don't need to get a goodie bag!  Kristina would kill to have this party for her birthday!  I wish Build a Bear would come back to town!