Monday, February 13, 2012

Georges Skin Cream

George’s Cream Inc. is a private Canadian manufacturer and marketer of two specialty skin care products, and is owned by co-founders George Doherty and Skip Gibson. The company’s signature brand, George’s Special Dry Skin Cream, is named after its creator, George Doherty, a pharmacist and entrepreneur.

In 1997, George Doherty was asked by a dermatologist to create a rich moisturizing cream for dry skin. The criteria for George’s Cream was that it had to be richer and more moisturizing than other commercially available products yet have fewer ingredients (less irritants), no lanolin or urea and be fragrance free. George experimented with his wife’s mix master to create the original George’s Cream recipe. Eventually George enlisted the help of a local laboratory to develop and perfect a unique manufacturing process. George’s Cream was originally sold in small batches at George and Skip's Calgary pharmacy. Today it is one of the fastest growing brands in its sector and is sold through national and independent pharmacies, drug chains, grocery retailers and convenience stores across Canada.

The two specialty skin care products, George’s Special Dry Skin Cream and George’s Light Special Moisturizing Lotion were created to relieve the dry skin problems and a number of chronic skin conditions that are aggravated by the semi-arid climate in Alberta. Many factors were considered and researched to ensure that George’s Cream would contain ingredients that would provide relief for dry skin sufferers as well as those with sensitive skin. The therapeutic benefit of George’s also provides immense relief to those suffering from many other skin conditions, particularly eczema and psoriasis. As more and more dry skin sufferers found relief from George’s Cream, the word spread. “It works!” they said. Users started asking their pharmacies and favorite stores to carry George’s Cream, and as a result it has become a national brand and is recommended by dermatologists, pharmacists, caregivers and physicians across the country.

I have eczema and so does Brandon, luckily its just the two of us because its so hard to deal with.  We have tried so many different creams and lotions.  Seriously I am always going through the cupboard and throwing out bottles upon bottles!  Not only does the waste annoy me but I hate how much money I have wasted.  Its also hard when you are just dry, itchy and cranky and can't find anything that will work.

Well look no further!!  Georges works great!  Its not greasy, over scented, or overpriced.  Also, its not just for eczema, check out what else you can use it for!

• eczema

• psoriasis

• sunburn

• windburn

• cradle cap

• winter itch

• flaky skin

• tough elbow skin

• radiation therapy

• sport chafing (runners, cyclists)

• swimmer’s itch

• dry hands and cracked cuticles

• foot problems including those associated with diabetes

Check it out next time you are in your favorite store!


Samantha said...

Thanks Dana I will have to get some for my daughter. This product will be great for the whole family.

loriag said...

This is a great product, I can not believe how soft my skin feels and I just started using it.