Monday, December 5, 2011

Equal sweetner at McDonalds #CBias @McD_Canada #EqualCanada

Brandon is a huge McDonald's fan, huge, just like any other almost 4 year old I guess.  Its yummy kid friendly food and a toy, usually an awesome toy that Brandon loves and I don't want to throw out right away :)  Even though Brandon and I usually just hit the drive through for an iced coffee and cinnamelt for me and cheeseburger with fries, juice and a toy for Brandon he does love to go inside when given the chance.

For a special treat I took Brandon to McDonald's on Friday and when we pulled into the parking lot he asked why we not go through drive though, in four year old speak.  I thought it would be a good way to spend an hour to go inside, have lunch and play for a while to burn off some energy.  He loved it.

Watching the kids play always motivates Brandon to eat faster and not lollygag.  He was so excited to get up there and play and I was remembering how when I took Kristina as a little girl there.  Brandon kicked off his boots and took off, I could have left and he would have been happy until dinner time.  Kristina on the other hand was so scared to go up high.  She was so scared of something, I still don't know what but she took a good year of going there to be able to go up on her own.

I gotta tell you, its a lot more fun for kids up there than for me, I am afraid of heights lol.

Our lunch was great as usual but once I finished my chicken burger I moved onto my cinnamelt, my favorite by far.  I chowed down, it was delicious as usual, but then when I was done I happened to look at the top of the box and noticed the best before sticker on the top.  I had noticed these before because they are right on top of the box, the date was for two days before.  So upon a closer look, maybe I was crazy, it did say served by November 30th at 12 something. 

At this point one of the employees came into the play area so I asked her over and showed it to her and asked if it was just miss tagged.  She figured it might be but wasn't in the kitchen today so told me to head up to the counter and ask them.  It had tasted fine so I figured it was just miss tagged and went up when Brandon was done eating.  I showed it to the cashier explaining the date and asked if it could have just been tagged incorrectly.  She didn't know so she asked the swing manager.

The swing manager asked me if I wanted my money back and I said that I just wanted to know if it had expired two days ago and she said yes, sorry it did.  So of course I said then yes I would like my money back.  I was just kind of stunned and asked if it would make me sick or anything and she said it would probably be fine and gave me my money back.  I understand that mistakes happen, to everyone, and all the time, but I had hoped for more of a reaction from her that I had just eaten something that had expired two days before hand.  I wouldn't have been to worried if it was a few hours but two days...

I also asked when I ordered if they had equal sweetener as an option and they didn't so I skipped the tea and just had a diet coke.  Check out Equal on Twitter and facebook.  All they had was sugar and another sweetener, it would definitely be nice to have another option available.  Also, the best thing about this restaurant, how clean the play are is, I love a clean play area or I don't go back and this one is soooo clean!  We love it!  Follow McDonald's Canada on Twitter here!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias


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I hope he had a great time!

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