Sunday, November 20, 2011


My husband has a very close knit family.  I don't know if I have shared our living arrangement before but we live on a large chunk on land with some of my husbands family.  His Nana and Papa have a house down past the pond near the bottom of the property, Kris and I have a house at the top and across the driveway Kris's Aunt and Uncle have a house with a basement suite where Kris's Mom lives.  Usually when I tell people about this they ask me how we can do it.  Family 24/7 :)

To be totally honest I love it.  I have come to love Kris's family as my own and we spend a lot of time with them.  When Kris's cousins come to visit their parents (his Aunt and Uncle) all of our kids play together and if we didn't all live here the kids wouldn't be as close as they are and that's pretty important to me.  Also when Kris's Sisters come over to visit we get to see them the entire time they are here and can still come and go for naps etc as we need, just a hop skip and jump away.

Party because of this, Brandon is very close with his two cousins who come to visit every other weekend or so.  He calls them his kids and talks to them or about them on a daily basis.  He loves them to bits and so we have some pictures of them up around the house, on the fridge and I wanted to get one for his room.  When I was contacted by Posterjack I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get a big picture of Brandon and his boys done up.   How cute are they?

When it arrived Brandon couldn't have been happier.  He wanted it hung right above his bed and he loves looking at it. Its made very well and is so much better than a framed picture in my opinion!  I love it, it looks like art and we will have it for years to come.  It will make a great memory one day when he is to old to remember having matching pjs with his boys!

Poster Jack would make a great Christmas gift for your partner or even a Grandparent.  I know that my Mom would love to have a canvas of the kids hanging in her living room.  Maybe I will have to add that to her list!  Be sure to check out Posterjack, they don't just have canvas prints either!  You can see them on Facebook and Twitter as well!