Monday, September 5, 2011

Waxing for an 8 year old?

Had you asked me if I would ever consider allowing my daughter to have something, anything, waxed at 10 or 12 years old I would have said "NO WAY" with most certainty!  Never would I have even considered it.  What a way to teach your child about self esteem, being all natural, and loving yourself however you come! 

To give you some background Kristina is SUPER hairy.  She was born with black hair all over her back :)  It did go away but it was sure a sign of things to come.  Shes just got dark hair and lots of it, I say thanks to her Dad.  Kristina has very dark leg hair, arm hair and a pretty bad eyebrow, that's right, one eyebrow. 

When she came home from school last year saying that some of the kids were calling her "one brow" I started thinking and talking to people.  Is it wrong to get her eyebrows waxed?  Shes only 8!  The more people I talked to though and the more I thought about it the more I knew I was OK with it.  I sat her down and explained to her that she shouldn't worry about what other people think and she just needs to love herself.  However if it was bothering HER that I could take her in and get it waxed, it would hurt, but we could do it if she really felt like it needed to be done.

That was about 6 months ago and she decided that she was ready.  She was going with her Aunty this weekend, before school started, to get her hair all done for school and she wanted to get her eyebrows done to.  So she did it.  She did awesome and loves how it looks now.

To clarify I did not let them "shape" her eyebrows just take off the middle and make sure it lined up nice with her eyes!  I really wish I took before and after pictures!

Would you let your 8 year old wax?


Annie1 said...

yes i would and yes i did

my youngest daughter, who is bi racial, came out covered in black hair....her back was covered in hair as was her upper lip and her "side burn" area.

i treated it basically like you did with your daughter and when she was ready we had her upper lip waxed.

the waxing didn't work because the hair was too fine so we actually did the laser route for her upper lip....

She's 20 now with not a hair above her lip and its all good!

so, yes, i would

Denise G said...

I would have reacted the same as you. I think you did awesome under the circumstances.

PaulineMilner said...

You definitely did the right thing.

Kids can be horrible little creatures and will bully someone over just about anything.

What you did for your daughter was to give her some self esteem. Something kids her age desperately need.

I would not hesitate to wax other places that she wants, as well. You are not trying to make her into a beauty queen, you are trying to make her more comfortable about herself.

We should all be able to be loved just the way we are. Sadly, society disagrees and you are left doing what you have to.

Great job, Mom! ~Pauline (

Marcie W. said...

I TOTALLY agree! Being a licensed cosmetologist (although a SAHM now) I have always told myself I will allow either or both of my daughters (currently 7 & 5) to get waxed when it's needed.

My oldest has very little, light hair, like myself. My younger daughter is bit more hairy, like my little sister was, and I can see her needing a waxing around 8-10yrs old.

You did the right thing by allowing her to go through with it and heck, there's women that actually have the nerve to dye their children's hair in 1st & 2nd grade around here! Waxing is a-okay

Soozle said...

I had very thick eyebrows as a youngster (around your daughters age), did receive some teasing at times, and my mom did the exact same thing as you did and took me to get my eyebrows shaped - and I couldn't have been happier.

You did the right thing, hands down!

OrangeHeroMama said...

I have to agree with you. If it needed to be done then absolutely, kids can be so nasty :(
I have daughters, i understand.