Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pediped - Back to School

With back to school having been this last week there has been a lot of shopping going on and lots more still to do, for us anyways!  I don't really see the point of buying all of the back to school clothing and shoes too early.  If you are going to have a hot September the kids aren't going to wear their brand new hoodies, jeans or running shoes for at least another month or so.  I just saw on someones facebook that they bought some shoes for their son and they fit in August when they bought them and they already don't fit.

Why not wait until part way through September, then go online, print out the size chart and order some shoes, great prices, great shoes and you don't have to leave your house!!  That's my kind of shopping.  While I do enjoy shopping in stores sometimes I also love doing it once the kids are in bed and shopping online.  Its a lot easier now a days.  There are size charts online, reviews and so much more to make it a positive experience.

Whenever I review shoes from Pediped I am always very happy with what arrives on my doorstep.  Pediped shoes are always amazing quality and are built to last.  Brandon never complains about sore toes or feet and is always happy to slip into them and velcro up!  I love how flexible they are, how they come with an extra insole so you can make them fit smaller and then take it out so they last longer, I love how they look.  I love that they are velcro so that Brandon can put them on and take them off on his own, I love how they all don't look like velcro, and I love that they go up to a youth size 1!!!!

Right now I love that they are having a contest that you can enter your child in to be the next Pediped model.  You can win a trip for you and your child to go to the photo shoot AND a $750 Pediped gift card!  That's enough to have all your kids in shoes, unless you have 12 kids, and even gift some!!  You can enter here!