Friday, September 30, 2011

BOGS - seriously the best boots ever!

I have spent the last few weeks picking more apples than I have ever eaten in my whole life.  Picking apples is a lot of fun, but can be very messy.  My girl friend, Brandon and i have waded through mud, climbed into and out of muddy ditches, and traipsed across piles and piles of dirt.  I would have been a lot worse had I not been wearing my new BOGS boots!  BOGS are not only waterproof, they are super cute, comfortable, warm and best of all made for work play and everything in between.

BOGS are the best of the best boots for anyone who steps foot outside.  They are warm, so comfortable with great support, and did I mention cute?  These are the most gorgeous boots I have ever seen.  Once you have seen a pair you see them everywhere, and then, the more you want a pair.  My girl friend bought a pair last year and has been raving about them ever since.  In fact, everyone that I have talked to that has a pair has so many great things to say about them.  They all, no exaggeration here, all rave about them.

Kris loves his pair too.  They are very boring looking in my opinion lol but they work well for him.  He wears them fishing and because they are nice and tall he can wade much further into the water without having to wear waders.  He wasn't sure just how great they would be but once he wore them once he was hooked!  They aren't just a rubber boot for water either.  They are good to -40 so they are great in the snow as well, with out "wet" coast weather they will be great for about 10 months of the year!
The kids both got a pair of BOGS as well, from In-Sport, and they both love them too.  Brandon and I go on walks each week, neighbourhood walks, with a group of kids and parents and they are usually in trails and through the woods so we usually end up all muddy, cold and wet but had a great time getting there.  Brandon's BOGS are so much better than his old rubber boots.  The old rubber boots gave him blisters, never really fit right, they were always to big or to small, and rubbed the backs of his legs and never lasted more than a kid or two at most.  His BOGS will last through many many kids and are so comfortable for him.  He can walk and run easily in them, loves to wear them because they look so cool, and they are nice and tall so they keep his feet dry in the tallest of mud puddles, without rubbing on his legs with them coming up to his knees.
Kristina of course was so excited about how cute and funky her boots were and has loved wearing them, again for their comfort and warmth.  I know that Kris and I will get years and years out of our BOGS from In-Sport and the kids will be able to pass there boots down to many happy puddle jumping kids.  BOGS are available in lots of shoe stores, sporting and outdoor stores and in plenty of online shops.  Check out the full collection at In-Sport! 


jodi shaw said...

Wow those are very cool! You are right, guys boots need like a fishing logo or something to spice them up LOL. The kids boots are incredibly adorable and something my boys need.

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