Monday, July 11, 2011

Gluten Free Chex

1 in every 133 Canadians suffers from Celiac Disease and 71% of Canadians are looking for more gluten free options!  We are a mostly gluten free family aside from when Kris is fishing :)  He has a very sensitive wheat intolerance/allergy.  There is getting to be more and more options now but lots of them are pricey.  Because its considered a specialty item companies tend to charge a lot more and you usually have to go to a specialty store to get them.

Breakfast and lunch are the hardest two meals of the day for Kris.  Dinners are easy, meat or fish with potatoes or rice and veggies.  I have even mastered some pretty tasty desserts as well.  Breakfast though is either expensive cereal, or pancakes which are also expensive or fruit.  I was pretty excited to learn that Chex was coming out in Canada with not one but two gluten free options that would be regularly priced!! 

Chex gluten free comes in rice and honey nut!  Not only is this great for a quick bowl or breakfast in the morning you can do so much with it!  I am going to try using it (either flavour would work) for the crust of cheesecake!  I have made it before with a different rice cereal but this would be really good with the honey nut! 

There are so many easy recipes on the Life Made Delicious page that sound so good.  I can't wait to try this tasty treat! 


Marieke said...

Thanks for the info, Dana! Can't wait to try it!