Friday, March 25, 2011

March Mouskersize

While its starting to warm up outside, finally, we still have inside days where its just to rainy, windy or just plain cold to go outside! To keep the kids from just sitting on the couch all day, well that's not totally going to happen, but to keep them from driving me crazy, we dance, run around and play the tickle and wrestling game! It keeps them active, we chase each other around the house, dance our butts off, and Daddy loves to get them all wound up wrestling with them!

They love it but we are always looking for more ideas of what to do when the weather just isn't on our side! Have you seen the new Mickey Mousekersize episodes on Playhouse Disney? They are awesome! They have totally kept Brandon entertained, yelling at the TV and jumping up and down! They even intrigued Kristina at 8 and had her jumping around the living room!

The idea behind Mickey Mousekersize is to get your kids up off the couch and moving! Mickey and his pals sure managed to do that! They were singing and dancing and shaking all sorts of things! Brandon was pointing out the bikes and balls on the walls and singing right alongside his pals!!!

Have you seen the new Mickey Mousekersize? Do you like it? What do you do to keep active in the colder weather?