Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kobo Review

Well, its been a bit of a long week, I can't seem to put down my Kobo! I have read two books on it this week and haven't done a lot of blogging, opps ;) I have had my Kobo for 3 weeks and played with it a lot for the first two weeks and was waiting until I was done deleting some of the 100 books that come already on the Kobo and then was going to add some that I was wanting to read! I have already read the first four of the Sookie Stackhouse series and was itching to read some more.

After some frustrating times I got it all loaded up with my new Sookie books, three of them for $21, that's a deal! I couldn't seem to get it to work but I was just kind of winging it as I had read the instructions over a week before! Once I reread them with my girlfriends help we got it all hooked up and loaded in a heartbeat! It was just like doing an ipod, you create an account on and download Kobo program to your computer, plug in your Kobo, drag and drop what you want to add into the Kobo program and then click sync. Easy as that!

The Kobo came with the Kobo, they come in black, lilac, and white, the cord that you plug it into the computer with and all of the instructions! You charge it by plugging it into the computer and you only need to sync it when you want to put on new books! It holds up to about 1000 ebooks and you can use a memory stick to make it hold more! You can make it your own by changing the font, size of the font, how you view your books and more!

You can even activate the wireless on your Kobo and download books wirelessly without even turning on your computer (once you set up your account.) You can buy books from the Kobo site or you can even go to your own local library and download free library ebooks, that's what I am going to try next!

Overall I am super in love with my new Kobo! I can't seem to put it down, I am reading it off and on all the time! I will sit on the couch for an hour and read, then throughout my shift at work I will take it outside with me and use it, the sun doesn't affect the screen at all! After reading two books in one week from a full charge I am still at a half of a battery, that's pretty awesome! I was worries that I would have to charge it all the time, but that's not the case at all! My other favorite aspect with the Kobo is that when I am eating and wanting to read, like on my lunch break at work, I can still read without the awkward one handed hold or having it flip closed on me! You just put it down and keep on reading! Love it!

If you are thinking about getting an ereader you should definitely check out the Kobo, its awsome and I am hooked, after playing with mine my Mom and my girlfriend are both buying one! Check out the button on the side of my site for a free ebook from! Do you have a Kobo ereader? What do you love about yours? I can't wait to get this case for it in hot pink!

If you have any questions about the Kobo or are thinking of getting one feel free to ask me anything!