Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Photos

I believe in the value of pictures, we recently lost most of the pictures on our home computer due to it crashing and I was devastated! I have started taking all of my facebook pictures and transferring them back to my computer to save to disk but we still did loose a lot. It was pretty sad.

Just after that happened we were going in to have some amazing photos done by our friend and amazing photographer Karen Mckinnon and I love them so so so much! They are priceless for us. They were taken on Brandon's third birthday and we will never get that day back so we will have it instead framed on our walls forever!!

Here is a pic with Kristina's with my brand new neice, she loves babies just as much as here mama, some people call me a baby hog! Its also what her hair usually looks like, kinda frizzy and messy and just well really messy. In the pictures by Karen Mckinnon my girlfriend used her flat iron from Flat Iron Experts and it looks way better! We also used it on my wavy hair and it looked so much smoother and made me look more put together! Check out the gorgeous pictures and make sure you tell me how pretty I am :)


Marcie W. said...

The pictures look GREAT!!! :)

Crystal said...

Very nice!