Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crafty Mama!

So I have never really considered myself crafty at all, I guess because I can't draw a good stick figure I thought I wouldn't be good at any kind of crafts! I don't like messy crafts, glue and sparkles but with a little boy who will be 3 on Saturday I have to craft with him. He absolutely loves it and I can't not let him experience the fun of doing crafts! His sister went to a preschool like daycare so she had lots of opportunity to do crafts and still loves doing them!

When I came into the kitchen the other day this is what I saw! How can you say not right now to this! He was so excited to do it and then so proud of himself when we were all done. If you are nervous about crafting with a little one, like I still am sometimes all you need to do is ask them what they want to make. We have a bunch of containers from the dollar store filled with sequins, pom poms, stars, foam pieces, letters, craft sticks, googly eyes, and more. He just tells me what he wants to make, yesterday was a monster, so I cut out a head shape from construction paper, and he wanted it to have sunglasses so I cut those out too and he glued them on. Then he just choose what he wanted to glue on and where. It was very easy, stress free, and best of all he loved it!

What crafts do you make with your kids, I need more ideas :)