Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As I have mentioned before I love to decorate my place again and again and love to move things around and I guess you could say I have a bit of a problem with it lol. I can do it all the time and I have a huge problem with getting bored of things before they get much dust on them. Kris hates that but I get bored and that's something that I love to do lol!

One thing that I have been thinking about this Winter is getting a nice cozy modern rug. We have laminate and tile all throughout our place and some old gross carpet in our bedroom. I always end up with super cold feet and just can't keep them warm without socks, slippers and sometimes I even have to wear my hubby's wool socks. I would so much rather be barefoot but its way to cold.

What do you do to keep your tootsies warm? Do you have carpet for flooring or do you have a big throw rug or do you not get cold feet? I need some help deciding what to do, is it really worth buying a nice big new rug for the living room because I want a nice one not a $30 one so I really need to be sure of myself!


Bonita12 said...

My feet are always cold despite having carpet in our living room. We have wood laminate and tile elsewhere.
I wear slipper socks or knit boots in the house mostly to keep my feet warm.