Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - Envirosax

Here is the best Christmas present idea ever!!!! Wrap your gifts in Envirosax!!!

Envirosax are a HUGE favorite of mine! I have fallen head over heels for them and can't and won't ever look back! I have liked the idea behind reusable shopping bags for quite a while but hadn't found any that I loved enough to really love love! Does that even make sense? I have found cute bags but not one that I never wanted to ever let go of!

I don't leave home without my Envirosax and have told so many people about them. They are gorgeous, the designs really are stunning and they fold up nice and small so that I can always have them stashed in my purse! Almost every time I use them I am getting compliments and having people ask me where they are from!

I got Brandon his own cute little Envirosax this time, with a Robot on it. He is always carrying around his sisters purse and loves to put things in piles and then carry them around so I thought that this would be great for that. The kids designs are just so cute! They are great for lunch bags, shopping bags, purses and much much more!

This time around with Envirosax I decided to try one of their slingsax and boy was I loving it when it arrived! Its nice and thick and is just a lot different than the typical hand held bags. It has two long straps that tie together, so you can adjust how it hangs on you, and it crosses over your body and then you have your hands free. Its a nice change from the typical bag and one of its other best features is that its made with RPET

Incorporating recycled plastic bottles and other plastic waste into fabric is the next evolutionary step in our industry. Not only do Envirosax reduce the wasteful use of one-use items, we help to reuse waste material that is already out there, preventing it from polluting the planet.

Envirosax insists on thorough research to bring you the truth and with Envirosax RPET fabric, this is no exception.

Envirosax Pty Ltd has gone into partnership with Unifi Inc of the USA to make its own Envirosax RPET. The Envirosax RPET is a mix of 55% flat filament polyester and 45% Repreve® polyester.

NOTE: The 45% Repreve® in the ENVIROSAX RPET is made up of 100% recycled product, with 80% pre-consumer and 20% post-consumer recycled polyester content (mainly plastic bottles).

The key point however, is that we can verify and prove that the 45% Repreve® is in fact 100% recycled content as it has been tested and certified by the only company in the world able to accurately do this - Scientific Certification Systems (SCS).

Repreve® is third party certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) and Oeka-Tex and meets FTC guidelines for recycled products. No other yarn is made like Repreve®. Whether polyester or nylon, UNIFI inc. has developed a special process that ensures it’s better than other recycled yarns available today.