Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - Diane Lai

We are a skin care company focused on all natural ingredients ideal for infants, toddlers and anyone with highly sensitive skin.

In July 2007 our son was born a healthy 6 lbs. He was a little raisin in the beginning but very quickly gained weight. However, after a few weeks he started to show signs of a red rash on his cheeks, under his neck, at the back of his neck and on his stomach and along his diaper waistline. I searched the Internet and researched all my baby books. There was some flakiness on his head as well which I determined was cradle cap. The doctor said it was normal and very common in newborns. I did not think it was very common when he started scratching incessantly. He scratched to the point of drawing blood and open sores. When the scratching began to impact his sleep I knew we needed to take more drastic action. I suspected eczema or atopic dermatitis, which it is commonly called. Eczema is a form of dermatitis (inflammation of the skin). There are several different types of dermatitis or atopic eczema, or atopic dermatitis but without proper context, it means nothing more than a rash. I began to take note of anything that came into contact with his skin that may cause further irritation.

I needed to moisturize my son’s skin to help relieve the itching but was shocked when I started reading the ingredients on many baby lotions and creams and realized they contained harsh chemicals for my baby such as parabens, lanolin, paraffin, mineral oil, and phthalates. I found it difficult to understand the good lotions versus bad. My relentless research and understanding of what works for these types of conditions has led me to start my company Diane Lai For Soft Skin to develop all natural products for infants, toddlers and anyone else with highly sensitive skin. My company’s merchandise provides unique properties that are effective and pure. These products protect the skin against a number of ailments including dry skin, eczema and inflammation and may be used as frequently and wherever needed to soothe and rejuvenate even the most sensitive skin. Our mission is to create a natural and inspiring product range that offers quality with exceptional service.

One of my personal objectives is to continue to educate and raise awareness of my research and experience so that consumers can choose to avoid these harmful toxins in many commercial creams and lotions on the market. I now know without a doubt what my child’s sensitive skin is coming into contact with. And so will you.

I have super sensitive skin with some eczema and rosacea thrown in the mix! Sadly I have passed this down to Brandon and I hate that he is going to have to go through what I go through, especially in the Winter! Right now I am madly scratching at my thighs and hands because they are so so itchy!! Even if I use cream everyday it doesn't ever go away! I can't stand it!

I love when I find a new product that will help me out and make it a bit less painful and annoying! Diane Lai has some amazing products that are getting rave reviews and I have to agree with them! I got to try out the Soothe and love it, although I didn't really read it well enough because I thought it was just for my face everyday, not to soothe everywhere lol. Off I go to put it on my hands and thighs right now!

Diane Lai has two basic products! The Soothe and the Rejuvenate. The Sooth is meant to sooth red rough patches and helps with the itching, irritation and discomfort. The Rejuvenate is the daily moisturizing lotion that you use to maintain your skin and keep in from becoming red, dry, irritated and itchy!

If you or someone you know has eczema and/or dry red itchy skin this could be the answer they have been looking for. It would be a great gift in the stocking or under the tree. I know I personally have spent hundreds of dollars on products that didn't work and love this. Had someone bought this for me I would have been over the moon with its results and sooooo happy!