Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teva Review

There’s a lot of talk these days about cause-related marketing and corporate outreach. It seems like every few months there is a new “it” cause out there, but at Teva, we’re a bit of an anomaly, because we’ve been supporting the same cause since our inception 25 years ago: water.

Where you find water, you find life. It’s a simple philosophy, but it relates to a fundamental truth of this world. Ever since we were born on the Colorado River in 1984, we’ve felt a deeply ingrained connection to water. That’s why, for the past quarter century, we’ve been working to improve quality of life through water quality and availability initiatives all over the world. Whether we’ve been working on our own or with charity organizations, we’ve been blessed with incredible clarity of purpose over the years.

Kris has been into running these last 6 or so months and is really getting into it. Other than a small break over the hot months he is really liking it. It is making him sleep better, loose weight, and have lots more energy! I think he seems a bit happier as well :)

He was sent a pair of Teva Forge Pro shoes and loves them. They were a tiny bit snug when he first got them but they have relaxed a bit. They are rough and tumble shoes great for hiking, running the trails and even for picking up the groceries! The women's style is just as nice as the Men's. Kris's have lime green in them and are dark, a little bit different looking, and super grippy. They will last him a really long time! He won't slip anytime soon and I feel better knowing that Kris isn't wearing cheap shoes that don't support him. Teva shoes will give him everything he needs in terms of support, style and quality!

Heading for an adventure, but not sure what you'll run into? Then the Forge Pro is perfect for you. A multi-sport shoe in the truest sense, the Forge Pro boasts a range of versatile technical features, such as an aggressively lugged outsole and an external heel counter for stability. All of this means that you can get out there knowing that you'll always have the right shoe for the job.
If you or someone you know is into the outdoors, everybody should be, you have to check out Teva! They are an amazing company with great customer service, products and goals about not only your community but your earth! Be sure to check them out next time you are looking for a pair of shoes! You can keep up with them on Facebook as well!