Sunday, September 5, 2010

Umi shoes

And around here, happy little feet begin with our gentle hands. Hands that meticulously craft each and every shoe for the utmost in comfort and fit. Hands that simply know how to make a better children’s shoe. So, what makes a better children’s shoe? Years of experience working with age-appropriate lasts, patterns and buttersoft leathers give Umi a step up over everyone else. At Umi, all we make are children’s shoes, and we believe every step your child takes is as important as their very first.

Umi shoes are gorgeous and Brandon is lucky enough to have had a few pairs and we love them! For this Fall I got Kristina a new pair of boots and she was over the moon when they arrived! They are so gorgeous to look at and so soft and comfortable to wear. There is no breaking them in time because your feet just mold to them and there is no rubbing or anything.

I love that if you are lucky enough to have found Umi when your kids are little they really grow with your child and you can be a lifelong Umi fan. They carry from little itty bitty size 1 all the way up to a big kids size 6! I love that when you find them you don't have to go and try to find another great shoe company a few years later.

Be sure to check back in with Umi shoes or sign up for their newsletter, and watch facebook so that you can stay in the know as to whats going on, new styles coming out, and even sales!