Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I could never have to many shoes for my kids. I am also super picky when it comes to shoes for my kids! They have to be good for their feet, easy to walk in, light, flexible, and cute! They also have to be easy for me or them to put on and take off. I haven't bought my kids cheap shoes for a long time now. Its just not somewhere I am willing to cut costs. I am all for getting a deal and check for coupons, buy at the end of the season but I won't skimp on quality to save cash!

Pediped has their new Fall and Winter line up out and they are so cute! Its a given to me that Pediped has great shoes. They have everything that I look for in a pair of shoes and more! They have recently come out with Machine washable footwear as well as memory foam technology!
About Machine Washable shoes

No more dirty shoes! pediped Flex® has lightweight athletic shoes in select machine washable styles. Moms can rest easy with this line of wash and wear footwear. In addition to the lightweight construction and thin profile, these sporty shoes also feature the addition of our insoles with special technology. Our special insoles are an effective moisture management and odor control material that regulates temperature and prolongs the life of shoes. In addition, the technical insole also cushions impact resulting in added comfort for your child’s feet. Machine washable and technical insole technology – these shoes have got it all! To wash, simply remove the technical insoles and place shoes in the washing machine. For best results, wash shoes alone in cold water, on gentle cycle. Do not add bleach; use regular detergent. Allow shoes to air dry with Velcro open (away from sunlight) before re-inserting the insole. Do no put shoes in the dryer. Machine Washable styles include: Joelle, Joel and Adrian (boys)

About Memory Foam Technology™ (MFT)

pediped Flex® has become well know for our ballet flats and sandals that feature Memory Foam Technology. The ballet flats are the perfect complement to any outfit and provide the ultimate in comfort and fit. Memory Foam TechnologyTM allows the shoe to mold to the child’s foot, acting like a custom insole, supporting the foot in all the right places. It also has excellent absorption, prevents foot slippage in the shoe and improves the fit of every shoe. A child’s foot is not simply a smaller version of an adult’s. The bones in a child’s foot are composed of cartilage, which eventually harden to form 26 bones in their feet that will last throughout their lifetime. A shoe that is too rigid or even too tight can effectively change the shape of your child’s foot. pediped® footwear with MFT provide the support and comfort that our children’s feet deserve.

pediped® Grip ‘n’ Go™Next Steps
The perfect shoe to transition from early walking to confident walking!Pediped® Grip ‘n’ Go™ are made with all the benefits of Originals® but with special G2 Technology™ for active toddlers. This technology consists of a specialized, soft rubber sole with rounded edges to mimic the natural shapeof a child’s foot. The sole has a firm but flexible heel counter for stabilityand a soft toe box that allows toes to curl and grip the floor. Grip ‘n’ Go™provides the freedom and flexibility matched only by Originals® but offers a bitmore substantial shoe for the toddler on the go. The pediped® Grip ‘n’ Go™Collection is available in sizes EU 19-23. Once a child is walking confidently,they are ready for Big Steps: pediped® Flex®.

We were sent a pair of the machine washable shoes for Brandon, the Adrian. They are awesome! I have machine washed many shoes in my life and these are the best. They still look new when they come out, not all worn out and misshaped and just looking crappy. It doesn't matter how new they were they look awful. Not the Pediped shoes though. They looked just as good when they came out as when they went in, except a lot cleaner :)

Check out the great new line and next time you buy a pair of shoes take a minute to think about what you are paying for! Pedipeds are worth the little bit of extra money! And if you like Pediped be sure to check out the founders new site Kinderbliss!