Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Old Navy makes Halloween easy

We have definitely started thinking about Halloween at our place, Kristina has been deciding on what to be. She never just wants to be something easy either. Last year she wanted to be a vampire princess, so we got the princess costume and did it up vampire style! This year she wants to do sort of the same thing but with a Dracula :)

Brandon is much easier, he is whatever I want him to be lol! Last year he was a giraffe and this year I wanted him to be something like a dinosaur. I like having him in a nice big warm and fuzzy costume because its pretty chilly here or raining. Its easier than trying to layer underneath a thin costume!

When Old Navy contacted me about doing a costume review for Halloween I was pretty excited! We love Old Navy clothing and I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed in their Halloween costumes! They sent Brandon a dragon costume and he was so excited when I opened it up! He wanted to wear it right away. He put it right on and ran around in it for about an hour growling the whole way! Isn't he cute?

Be sure to head on into your closest Old Navy right away to get your hands on your favorite costume before they sell out! PS they are a great price too! The Dragon costume is only $26.50