Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cadbury chocolate - yummmmm

I love chocolate and really don't know anyone who doesn't! Its so creamy and delicious! When I got some of the new Fair Trade Certified Cadbury Dairy Milk bars I was so excited!! I love a good piece of chocolate and chocolate is something that the better quality it is, the better it tastes! These bars were so rich and creamy and just plain good!

No when you purchase the new Fair Trade Certified Cadbury Dairy Milk bars you can know that it will directly help to improve the lives of farmers and their families living in Ghana, Africa.

When does an everyday chocolate bar become more than just an everyday chocolate bar? When
a small indulgence becomes Fair Trade Certified and helps propel positive change. Fair Trade Certified Cadbury* Dairy Milk* bars are now available in stores across Canada, and when consumers choose these new bars, they are helping to improve the lives of farmers and their families living a world away.

Nearly 22 million Cadbury Dairy Milk bars are sold annually in Canada, making the Fair Trade certification of this favourite Canadian brand the biggest Fair Trade chocolate announcement in Canadian history. Cadbury’s commitment approximately doubles the amount of Fair Trade chocolate sold in Canada, and makes it easy for Canadians to buy “chocolate with a purpose” almost anywhere.
Cocoa from Ghana

Cadbury is sourcing its Fair Trade Certified cocoa from the West African country of Ghana. Cadbury has been trading with Ghana for more than 100 years, and has played a significant role in helping to develop the cocoa industry in this region. Now, Cadbury’s global Fair Trade commitment will quadruple the sale of Fair Trade Cocoa from Ghana and will directly improve the lives of 60,000 cocoa farmers in the region. It also benefits 6,000 sugar farmers in Belize through the purchase of Fair Trade sugarcane.

“There is no question that Fair Trade is changing lives,” says James Anane Mensah, cocoa farmer and Enchi District President of the Kuapa Kokoo farmers’ cooperative in Ghana, Cadbury’s Fair Trade cocoa supplier. “At my cooperative in Ghana, we invest the social premiums we receive from Fair Trade to improve our farms and the lives of those in our community. Fair Trade translates into clean water, improved healthcare, increased access to education and a brighter future. Through Fair Trade, Canadians can connect with the farmers and directly promote positive change.”


Michelle said...

Great post on Fair Trade Certified Dairy Milk.

I just HAD TO comment and let you know about this contest- I know you will be interested!

The contest encourages people to make “Fair Trades” in exchange for a chance to win a trip for 4 to Ghana! The winner will get to see the impact of Fair Trade on cocoa farms in Ghana, Africa.

You can follow our Fair Trade activity on Facebook and Twitter @dairymilkcanada.

Enjoy your fun and funky fair trade certified Cadbury Dairy Milk!