Monday, August 16, 2010

BACK to SCHOOL FUN with Beanbags

We take pride in being the only manufacturer in Canada for custom designed bean bag chairs. Our standard range of products offers you a choice of our most popular bean bag chairs such as the King Bean Bag, Queen Bean Bag, Kid Bean Bag and the famous Lounge Bean Bag.

We supply bean bag chairs to corporations, individuals, spa’s, child care centres, dental offices, hospitals, conference centers, recreation rooms,banks, car service stations, etc. Our bean bag chairs are used in special events for our corporate clients such as I-mate and Philip Morris. We can provide custom design bean bag chairs for your exhibit booths, at conferences and product launches in corporate colors with brand image.

Our bean bag chairs are made of top quality materials and are guaranteed to last. The materials we use are high quality leatherette of German origin that makes them look very chic and sophisticated. Along with the sleek lines we aim for extreme comfort with full neck, back and armrest support. We produce them in standard leatherette as our quality testing team has proven this to be the most durable material combined with longevity.

Our bean bag chairs are just perfect for relaxing at home, watching TV, playing video games, reading your favorite book or working long hours on your laptop. So whether you’re an adult or a kid you will love all our bean bag chairs. They also make the perfect gifts for your loved one.
Bean Bag Factory sent Brandon and Kristina both a bean bag chair and they couldn't have been happier. Brandon got a basketball beanbag and Kristina got a cozy medium beanbag chair. They have been sitting in them, jumping on them, and throwing them around for a few months now and I couldn't be happier with the quality.
The kids love them and use them daily. They jump off of the couch onto them, sit in them to watch TV and Kristina loves to sit and read in hers. My favorite quality about these chairs is that they are made in Canada. I can't stand how everything is made in China these days so this is huge for me! More jobs are created and it has better standards!
Be sure to check out Bean Bag Factory and until September 15th the soccer beanbag chairs, soccer beanbag chairs and cozy medium beanbag chairs are all on SALE!