Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reunion Island Coffee

Reunion Island Coffee was founded in 1996. Its president, Peter Pesce, is a past Chairman of the Coffee Association of Canada and has played a key role in the development of the national specialty coffee market. In a recent feature article, the Toronto Star referred to Peter as “reputedly the best ‘cupper’ in Canada… Not only is Pesce a cupper (taster) par excellence, he is a walking encyclopedia of coffee facts, figures and esoterica.”
Peter’s reputation is the result of over three decades experience sourcing, blending and roasting coffee for the high-end foodservice market. Building on this foundation, Reunion Island has expanded to serve the unique needs of hotel, retail and office coffee service operators.
We cultivate loyalty through consistency, flexibility, quick turnaround and virtually limitless variety. Our team of sales, marketing and operations professionals have decades of industry experience, allowing us to offer value-added services that secure long-term partnerships.

I am not a big coffee drinker. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good cup of coffee in the form of an iced coffee or blended ice coffee, I just don't like a big steaming hot cup of coffee. My husband drinks a lot of coffee but mostly at work. We used to have a cheap coffee pot but I broke the carafe and we didn't replace it, what I really want is a Keurig or a Tassimo.

So Kris probably has 3 or so cups of coffee a day at work and they are all very picky about what kind of coffee they like. They are all down and dirty, rough, stinky, blue collar guys. When I sent Kris to work with the freshly ground up Ethiopia Oromia I didn't know what kind of response I would get.

Kris said that it was a nice strong flavour, and was delicious and they are going to to keep on using it. They have a cupboard at work full of coffee that people have given them, usually fancy coffee house coffee and they try it once and it just isn't regular old coffee and they hate it all so I am thrilled that they will use all of this coffee and that they all liked it!

Check it out! You might too, and its organic, that's always the best part for me!!