Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mr. Sogs

Mr. Sogs has some of the best felt toys I have seen! They are definitely unique and soft and lovable! Kristina wanted a penguin from Mr. Sogs because her Granny loves penguins and so she loves them too! She couldn't have been happier when her penguin arrived, she loved it! She has taken it to bed with her every night since. Felt is a great material and is so soft!

All of Mr. Sogs Creatures are unique handmade stuffed sculpture, made by Joelle Doyle. They are made from all new materials for durability. Every creature is two of a kind with an identical twin so that none of them will ever be lonely. Every pair is unique and can be adopted as a pair or individually.

Hubert, as he was named, has a great new home and his twin is out there somewhere being loved by some other child! He came with a cute tag that told us his name and what he likes! Mr. Sogs also sells sea suckers and many other sorts of creatures! Mr. Sogs creatures ship super fast and come ready to love!

Mr. Sogs has offered all of you 20% off your order or you can buy one item and get your second for half price! Just let him know that you came from Fun and Funky Mommy in the comments, and he will return your money to you!