Sunday, July 4, 2010

Four Eyes!

I have four eyes! I have had worn eyeglasses since I was about 20 and really struggle with them. I want new ones all of the time because I am always wanting to change my look, but who can afford to buy new glasses all of the time. At least I don't have to buy progressives yet, that sure moves the price up! I don't think I could do contacts either. I am not to responsible at bed time. I don't wash my face before bed or anything so it would be a struggle to remember to take them out. And I always seem to be getting things in my eyes so I don't know how you can rub your eyes with contacts, I just really never looked into them to far because I don't think I would like them.

My first pair of prescription glasses actually lasted me 3 or 4 years and then I had to replace them, they were getting very out of style. My current glasses I have had for about 3 years or so. They are getting a bit worn out though. I find that the arms end up bent and I am always going to in to have them tightened and straightened out. I have two kids, what can I say. They bump them, Brandon will occasionally grab them and they get bent.

I want to get some new glasses now but I don't think we have enough coverage to get them for close to free so I think we will have to wait longer. Does any ones coverage fully cover glasses though? I don't think so, I think most people get $200-$300 every two years to put towards them but that usually doesn't come close.

I have been looking online lately about purchasing some glasses online and have found some good sites but I always worry that when they arrive I won't like how they look on me. I guess when I am ready what I will do is try on in the stores and then purchase online, because its so much cheaper. Then when I try them all on I will know more of what will look good on me.

What do you think? Do you wear glasses and where do you buy from?

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Chelsea said...

I know that are some online glasses stores where you can pick 3 or 4 pairs, and they send them for you to try on. They're just samples, so you send them back when you've chosen, and they fill the frames you pick with your prescription. But I know a lot of people who pick out the frames they want at the store and then find them online.

When I wear contacts, I wear the 24-hr kind. You put them in and leave them in for a month, but I usually wear them for two months. They're called Night and Day, and they have extra oxygen-permeability. It's so awesome not to have to take them out before bed!

Carrie said...

I found this blog yesterday.......this mom reviewed an online glasses website and was happy with it and if you use her coupon code at the end of her review you'll save 5%. I have been wearing glasses since I was 18 months old so I know where you're coming from!!