Thursday, July 29, 2010

CSN Stores

I am sure most of you have seen me talking about CSN Stores before, they have over 200 stores with pretty much everything you can imagine! Bedding, shoes, toys, baby furniture, rugs, tools, lighting and so so so much more!!

While it was super hard to choose what to review from CSN Stores I finally narrowed it down after a few hours on their site, its really addicting! My husband has really gotten into fishing in the last two months or so and we have about 20 salmon fillets sitting in our freezer. I love salmon and could eat it everyday, for dinner, smoked, candied, mmmmm.

We had been wrapping all our fish in saran and then a freezer bag but it has gotten to be very wasteful, time consuming and still not keeping out all the freezer burn. When Kris is fishing we can have 20-40 fillets in the freezer at any given time and don't necessarily eat them all for a few months. I would hate to have to throw out some food because it was all freezer burned and not edible. What a waste, its happened to us before as I am sure it has happened to you too.
Not any more with the Deni Magic Vac Turbo Pump Vacuum Sealer! I was thrilled when it arrived as Kris caught 4 fish the day before and was going out that night for another 4! The next night we pulled it all out and read the instructions at the counter and had our first fish vacuum sealed within 5 minutes. It was so easy to use. I am still tweaking how big to make the bags so that I am not wasting the bags and putting even less into the landfill!

To use the Deni Magic Vac Turbo Pump Vacuum Sealer all you do is use the built in cutter to cut the size of bag you want. You place one end of the bag into the sealer and hold down the black part for about 7 seconds and it seals that end. Then you fill the bag with whatever you want to fill it with and then put it back in the sealer, this time you put the small sucking part and close the lid. Once its as sealed as you would like, or totally sucked dry, you push on the black piece and hold it down again for about 7 seconds and its sealed!

The only thing I was surprised about was that when you push down to seal it you can see a small amount, it was very small amount, of air go back in when you go to seal it, it wasn't enough air to do any harm really and from what I have been told most vacuum sealers do this. It was such a breeze to use and to go even faster I started making all the bags I needed for whatever I was sealing and then filled them all then just sucked and sealed them one at a time and that was super fast. Way faster and cheaper than saran wrap and a freezer bag and no freezer burn! I am in love! At only $49.99 this is a super good deal!!!
I also got two big replacement rolls because when we are vacuum sealing up 4 fish every couple of days we go through lots!!! Be sure to check out CSN Stores for all your shopping needs!!