Thursday, June 3, 2010

Strider Sports Canada

Brandon loves being outside, if it's not raining that's were you can find us. He loves to be in the fresh air weather it be filling up the wood box with the tractor or just playing on the deck or in the yard. He is definitely happiest outside. Brandon has a trike but doesn't really use it very often. He can't reach the pedals and when he sits on it and scoots his feet get run over by the back wheels so its frustrating for him. He is way to small for his two wheeler with training wheels so I started to look for alternatives.

That's when I found the Strider from Strider Sports Canada. Let me tell you this bike is amazing. It is known as a balance bike because there are only two wheels so that when you are riding it you have to learn how to balance right away instead of getting used to relying on training wheels and then having a hard time letting them go. We got this bike over a month ago and Brandon turned two in February. I thought he would definitely be to small and to young to really use this bike yet but was I ever wrong.

As soon as we put it together, it only took my husband 10 minutes, he hopped right on and started to use his feet to push himself forward with it. It was just instinctive to know what to do with it, and he thought he was such a big boy because he sees his Sissy riding her two wheeler. So far he is getting faster and faster on it and asks to ride it every day. He is always talking about it even when its raining. He fell off of it one day and got a little cut on his knee and he talks about that everyday.
Some of the features of the Strider bike are that it is only 6.9 pounds so its very easy for even toddlers to move around, Brandon can even pick it up. It lasts your child a long time, from 18 months to 5 years. You can get an optional foot break for when they start really going on them, they can even start bunny hopping, gliding, leaving skid marks and more. It also has foot rests on it for when you are gliding or want to do hops and jumps and they are not in the way at all.

We love our Strider bike and recommend it to all our friends, even Brandon's cousin Dylan loved it. They fought over it, it is the best toy we have. Check out their site and keep up with them on facebook, you won't be disappointed!!


Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Wow, sounds like an amazing toy! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for this one. Thanks for sharing!

micheal said...

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