Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mountain Farm Soap

Mountain Farms Soap is a small, home based business, (founded in 2001), where all personal care products are Handmade on our Country Farm. We are dedicated to providing personal body care products that combine luxury with affordability. We are part of a growing consumer market, where customer's are becoming more aware of the ingredients that they put on their bodies. Mountain Farms Soap, is founded on the idea that satisfied customers are essential. We strive to make product's that are not only good for you, but help to uplift or relax the senses.

Our soaps are made the old fashioned way, using the time honored Cold Process Method. We have used only the finest vegetable oils, butters, clays, botanicals and essential oils, to create these soaps. All of our soaps contain 100% of their natural glycerin, leaving your skin clean and soft. Our Nearly Natural Soaps are made the way as our Natural Soaps, the exception is, we have used a very high quality fragrance oil, in place of an essential oil, so these soaps are about 98% natural. All of our soaps are hand cut, and weigh approx 100 - 115 grams.

I love natural soaps, my shower is kind of my only time to myself, other than nap time when I am cleaning, so I love to use a nice natural, moisturizing, yummy smelling soap for my 5 minutes alone! I also have eczema which thrown into the mix can make it a lot harder for me to find soaps that I like and that like me.

Mountain Farm Soaps has a huge variety of soaps to choose from as well as shampoos, liquid soaps, essential oils and more! We got to try out a few different samples of soaps and they were so nice. They smelled amazing, the fresh mint was my favorite one! None of their soaps bothered my eczema so I will sure be back for more! Be sure to check them out here!


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