Thursday, June 10, 2010

How Much is it Worth to Keep a Secret?

One lucky Canadian will find out with the “Caramilk Key to the Secret”

Would you keep a secret for $250,000? What if it’s the Caramilk Secret?

This summer, Caramilk will put you to the test by giving you the chance to become the Protector of the Caramilk Secret. All you have to do is find one of ten golden keys hidden in a Caramilk bar… somewhere in Canada! For more than 40 years, Caramilk has vigorously guarded the mystery of how they get the soft, flowing caramel into the Caramilk bar. Now, they are challenging you with the best test ever: up to $250,000† to protect the Caramilk Secret for six months and ensure one of Canada’s most beloved secrets remains a secret.

But Can Canadians Protect a Secret?

The Caramilk Secret-Keeping Survey**, conducted by Angus Reid for Caramilk, has found that eight per cent of Canadians don’t trust anyone with deep secrets... not our best friends, our spouses or even our therapists! Amazingly, the same number – eight per cent – would tell a complete stranger intimate details of a secret. The survey also showed four percent of Canadians can’t keep a secret for longer than a few weeks, if at all!

So, will the Caramilk Secret stay safe? Can Cadbury trust a Caramilk-lover with a secret that is a Canadian treasure? Absolutely! Caramilk has confidence in Canadians’ secret-keeping skills. “There’s always been a great mystery around Caramilk and we want to put Canadians’ secret-keeping abilities to the test and find the ultimate Protector of the Caramilk Secret,” says Mackenzie Davison, Director, Every Day Chocolate, Cadbury. “And who would be better than someone who truly loves Caramilk? We know it can be daunting but we have faith in our Caramilk lovers to overcome the temptation.”

The Search for 10 Caramilk Golden KeysCaramilk has randomly hidden 10 golden keys inside Caramilk bars. The 10 lucky Canadians who find the keys will take a trip to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Toronto. For the person whose key unlocks the famous Caramilk Vault, he or she could become the Protector of the Caramilk Secret and win† $125,000†. Another $125,000† will be awarded when the Caramilk Secret is safely returned in six months, unopened & untouched.

Keep Tabs on the Caramilk Secret* KeeperWhere and when will the keys be found? Who will become the Protector of the Caramilk Secret? Follow the adventure at, on or on Twitter at @caramilksecret.

“Did you hear...”

Need to tell a secret, but don’t know who to trust? Here are some great Canadian secret facts uncovered by the Caramilk Secret-Keeping Survey:

· Canadians trust their secrets most to their best friends (32 per cent).

· The ring makes a difference: 14 per cent of people confide in their spouse. Only 1 per cent choose a boyfriend/girlfriend.

· Work is not the preferred place to dish dirt. Only 1 per cent of Canadians choose colleagues to share their deepest secret.

· Canadians trust their parents with their secrets at 11 per cent. Few trust their kids, with only 1 percent choosing a child to keep a secret.

· Almost no one trusts their hairstylist to keep a secret.

· It’s a true battle of the sexes: men find men more trustworthy and women say they confide in women more often.

· In general, Canadians trust men more than women (57 per cent vs. 43 per cent) but as we get older, our trust in women increases.

I know that I can only keep a secret if its a matter of life and death or if it will really hurt someone if I tell. Sadly I love to gossip and can't help but spilling the beans. Usually I will only tell someone who doesn't know the person or the situation but I just cave under pressure :( Sorry folks, don't tell me your deep dark secrets! I have to say though for $125,000.00 I think I could do it, maybe!