Sunday, June 27, 2010


Babibu was created by designer, Sarah Lopez, shortly after giving birth to her son, Joshua, in March 2009. After realizing that it was nearly impossible to find baby clothing that was eco-friendly, comfortable and trendy, Sarah began to design her own clothing for her son, with the hopes of embodying all of these qualities. Sarah soon learned that she wasn't the only mom who yearned for better babywear, and that a union of quality, fashion, and the environment was in high demand! She became so passionate about her plight to improve the world of baby couture that she opened her own company with her talented seamstress mother-in-law, Beatriz. And just like that, babibu was born.

Sarah uses her experience as a mom to guide her designs in regard to the quality, colour, shape, size and style of each piece in her collection. She has done a significant amount of research to ensure that her clothing is made with the best quality bamboo fabrics, in the trendiest colours and styles, that fit the average sized baby to perfection! Each and every piece of clothing is designed and handmade in Toronto, Canada where Sarah lives with her husband and son.

We guarantee that all of our products are handmade in Canada using the highest quality bamboo fabrics we could find! We can't wait for you and your baby to feel how soft and luxurious our fabrics truly are!

Babibu is basically your one stop shop for all you baby's bamboo basics. No prints, no patterns, no embroidery, just basic, amazingly soft, bamboo basics. They have hats, onsies, pants, t shirts, pj's and more. You really can't believe just how soft these are until you feel them for yourself. They are amazing. I really love Bamboo and wish that we had more of it, all of us. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, its antimicrobial and best of all one of the most sustainable resources out there. It grows without any help from pesticides or fertilizers and can grow 4 feet in just one day! For more info on bamboo see here.

Brandon got to try out the onsie in 24 months and brown, it comes in a variety of colors, and the only things that he can get into in 24 months is shorts because hes so skinny. I was so surprised that this fit him, even after washing and drying. It has room to grow and is my new go to pj's for him for the summer. He can sleep in just that on warm nights and it also keeps him from getting at his diaper which I know his sister did when she was that age.

I love this onsie and wish that I knew about his store when he was smaller so that we could have gotten so much more for him. Check out Babibu, you won't be disappointed! You can even use code FUNKYMOM to get 30% off!


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