Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I love shoes, its no secret. Kristina loves them to and I am sure that Brandon will come to love them. One general thing I would love to see happen with all shoes, I would love them to be washable. With kids it seems one thing is common, being dirty. Their clothes are dirty, their shoes and of course themselves. We can throw our kids in the bath and their clothes in the washer but only wipe off their shoes. What happens when they go through a mud puddle or worse? You throw them in the wash and hope that they come out OK. That's what I have done anyways, and its not always a pretty outcome.
Pediped has come out with a new machine washable shoe and I love it. When I picked it up at the mailbox we put it on right away and Brandon was thrilled with them. I was a little disappointed though that I would have to wait a while to see how they washed. Little did I know. When we got back home I took off his diaper, we are potty training and almost done, and I guess he had an upset tummy because he pooped before he could even say anything to me, which is unusual. Right down his pants and all over his shoes. It was quite a mess but the only good outcome was that I got to try out washing the shoes right away.

They washed up great and I am thrilled. Especially for the Summer these shoes will be awesome. How many times do you come home for the beach with shoes full of sand? I hate that, almost enough to stop going to the beach, but of course not that much.

The other new feature Pediped has come up with is Memory foam technology. It was in Brandon shoes and its great.

Say “goodbye” to dirty and smelly shoes! DRYZ® is a specially-formulated, odor resistant insole that controls both moisture and temperature. A version of these insoles sell online for $15.99 but are included free in this pair--a great deal!

Be sure to check out Pediped for your next shoes purchase!


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