Sunday, May 2, 2010

CSN Stores

While I knew that there were thousands upon thousands if not millions of companies out there on the world wide web, I didn't know that there were any single companies that run over 200 websites all on their own. Basically that means that if you can dream it CSN Stores probably sells it. They have everything from housewares to furniture, baby and children's items to luggage and even stuff for your pets!

Lets just say you can spend hours looking online through all of their sites and products deciding on what you want. Its really easy to navigate and find what you are looking for but if you are like me then you will get easily distracted by all of the other great stuff that you didn't even know you were looking for until you saw it and its great price.

When I was offered to do a review it took me a few hours to decide on what I wanted to review. Like I said there is just so much to choose from. In the children's section alone there is cribs, bedding, furniture, toys, diaper bags, strollers, swings, and so much more. You really just have to see it to believe it. What I really like is that you can purchase from all or some of the sites and it all gets shipped together saving you lots on shipping! There is even free shipping on just about everything!

We tried out some Wonderworld wooden toys for Brandon. We tried out the police car, mini loader, and the mini dumper. They are a great size, not little but not to big to fit into a toy box. Perfect for his little hands. He loves to smash them into each other and makes sounds as they are driving around. They are made of solid wood and even have rubber tires, I love that they didn't cheap out at the end on the tires, they are harder to find! They are even an amazing price at only $16.50 each, that's phenomenal.

If you are looking for anything I would definitely recommend the team at CSN stores to you, just check out their site, you will not be disappointed!