Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zid Zid Kids

Zid Zid Kids is an award winning company recognized for its designs, use of noble materials, bold yet elegant colors, unlimited imaginations, the fun in the unknown, the magic in pretend, and the art of the handmade. By blending together old and new artistic influences alike, Zid Zid Kids aim is to bring you and your child designs that surprise, inspire and ones to be treasured for years to come. To create its unique furnishings, gifts and clothing accessories for children, Zid Zid Kids is committed to bringing together three particular elements:

The creative imagination of the artist’s hand
The children’s fresh & vibrant energy
The ancient traditions and materials of a culturally rich destination, Morocco

Prestigious publications having featured Zid Zid Kids include the likes of the New York Times, Cookie, Architectural Digest, Vogue Bambini, Kid’s Wear, Milk Magazine, Madame Figaro, Washington post, Newsweek, and Dwell, among others.

You can find Zid Zid Kids designs in local and international boutiques from NYC to Los Angeles in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Belgium, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Dubai, Morocco and back. Zid Zid Kids is based in Marrakech, Morocco and employs fair trade practices.

Zid Zid Kids makes some of the most unique stuff I have seen in a long time. They use amazing bold colors and super funky designs. They have created stuffed toys, wall hangings, dress up costumes and masks, foot stools, little seats, and so much more.

We got a Zorro cape and mask for Brandon and its adorable. Its hard to find good quality dress up stuff. You can just get cheap Halloween costumes but they don't hold up to daily play all year long. Some dress up stuff can be worn for years if you get good quality stuff. This was definitely good quality. It was made with nice fabric and sewn with great attention to detail. There are no crunchy pieces, its all nice and soft, nothing to rub and be annoying on it. Sounds silly but that can be a real drag when you get something like this and then its so uncomfortable they never want to wear it.

This is especially with the mask. The inside is all soft cotton and is stitched all around the edge so nothing will fray and nothing rubs. This will last us a long time, we love it! Check out all of the great stuff they have at Zid Zid Kids!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! I love the masks. I have never seen such innovative masks for the kids. usually kids masks are either Zoro, Spiderman or some disney character But these masks with the capes are really cute and kind of unique.