Friday, April 9, 2010

Three Peas Co

Three Peas Co has been on Fun and Funky Mommy before! You can check that out here. I have been watching Three Peas Co grow on facebook the last 9 months and man have they grown. They have some really cool stuff for older girls and some amazing things for younger girls. Of course they have some cool stuff for boys to but I am sure drawn to the girl stuff!

They carry from baby sizes all the way up to tweens and teens! Kristina would go insane if I was to take her on a shopping spree at Three Peas Co. They just have fun, funky, crazy, wild, and gorgeous clothes! They have tutus, pediskirts, dresses, skirts, and of course onsies, t shirts, pants and some super cute hair accessories!

We got to try out the adorable Mommys Boyfriend Tee in a 4 and its so cute on Brandon. It washes up great, we wear it all of the time, I would order up a size however as they do run a bit on the small side. The only thing is, I never really thought about it, I assumed that the shirt meant that hes like my little man. I guess everyone else has a different interpretation of it, which is ok I guess. My Mom thought it meant that Brandon was my boyfriends baby, lol, and Kris thought it meant that Brandon was actually my boyfriend. Lets say it made for an interesting conversation.

If you are looking for a gift that will make everyone ohh and ahh over it or you just want to give a gift that makes mom or child go WOW look no further than Three Peas Co. Keep up with them on Facebook and see what they are up to!