Monday, April 5, 2010

Organic Essence

Organic Essence blew me away when I got the package from them in the mail. The packages they have created for their products are amazing. You really have to see it and read about it to believe it!

At Organic Essence, we are concerned with the current offerings in the cosmetic aisle of any store. Our concerns have broadened from ingredients inside the containers to the plastics that the containers are made of and ultimately how they are being disposed.

Over 250 million plastic lip balm tubes are discarded every year in the US. Contrary to what we’ve been told and to the way it would seem, plastic is not inert like glass. It leaches hormone disrupters and carcinogens into products and the environment as it breaks down.

Our innovative eco jar and eco tube are benefiting the health of future generations and the environment by being completely urban/home compostable. Join us in our efforts to promote sustainable packaging and a responsible way of life.

They have these amazing packages for their lip balms and their shea butter cream. I got to try out the organic vanilla orange shea butter and some lip balms. They have quickly become my favorite, and not just because of the packaging! The shea butter lotions goes on nice, smells amazing and is so rich and moisturizing!

Organic Vanilla Orange was primarily designed to counter act tension, frustration and irritability. Vanilla being an undeniably familiar and comforting scent and orange oil for a sunny and refreshing balance. Use daily for an overall feeling of wellbeing.

The lip balms were awesome too! The scents and flavours were amazing and so refreshing. It was like it really was mint I was rubbing on my lips not a mint lip balm. I love them! If you purchase anything cream from Organic Essence you can have a free lip balm! Just enter code funandfunkymommy in the special order instructions box!