Sunday, April 18, 2010

I think its time for a coupon organizer

I love coupons! I have a little bill holder that I carry them all around in but they are far from organized in it and I often forget to use a coupon before its expiration date and then its just like throwing money in the garbage in my opinion. I can't stand when that happens. I have been looking for a new coupon organizer for some time but nothing has really stood out and grabbed me yet.

A coupon organizer will keep your coupons in order of expiry, or by brand, or by product type, toilet paper, meat, etc. You can make your own or buy one and then can make it your own by changing it to suit how you need it to work best for you. You can use it for coupons you have cut out from the paper or coupons you have found online! I love online coupons because there are so many of them out their and they are all free, you just have to find them!

Here are few I just found now! There is a coupon for the Veggie Tales Store and the Children's Place, who doesn't love that store! Even Lush has a coupon code! I love Lush!! What do you do with your coupons? Do you use coupons? Did Canadians know that you can double your coupons at London Drugs! Its amazing to go in their with a stack of coupons and save oodles of $!! Have you found an amazing coupon organizer that I should see? Tell me about it, or even better send me the link!


Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Great idea, Dana! I need all the organizational tips I can get. I have left an award for you on my blog.

Cheers! And happy coupon-clipping!

Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

I need one too , right now my coupons are in a plastic shopping bag in a messed up little pile , lol.

couponmom said...

I am a huge coupon freak. Use them all the time. I write a Canadian coupon blog on It's under the coupon section in the stickies. Unfortunately where I live, in Ontario, we have no Lnndon Drugs. But for those who live out west it is amazing. It is called "stacking". London Drugs will let you use more than one coupon on a product, as long as they are different. I believe the coupons have to have different bar codes. People end up getting their stuff for free or close to it.
I actually just did a giveaway not too long ago for a coupon organizer. It is a fantastic organizer from Out of The Blue Delivered. I use it all the time now. Plus take a look at her website, it is pretty amazing. Dawn, the owner, is a fantastic person too. Here is her link

Tenille said...

Dana there are some great Etsy sites out there that sell amazing coupon organizers, worth checking out.

I heart London Drugs!

Robert said...
rslebron at live dot com