Sunday, April 11, 2010


bink'd offers the first of its kind temporary earrings that do not require magnets, stickers, or glue! Made in the USA using FDA-approved, kid-safe vegetable-based inks and adhesive bink'd is compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Standards for kid products. They are kid tested and parent approved!

Use as traditional earring(s), double, triple piercings or positioned up along the side of the ear. Boys and Girls alike will enjoy expressing themselves without the commitment of traditional piercing.

bink'd has no small parts to choke on! As bink'd says, "No holes=More fun" because kids (and parents) don't have to deal with the pain associated with piercing and the risk of infection and/or tearing.

Even the packaging is fun. Sold in unique, durable plastic jar like containers they stack easily so you can collect them all. Designs are released seasonally.

More than just "ear fun" they can be put on nails, books, baby dolls, race cars and more!!

Get bink'd! Not forever. Just for now.
Do you have a child obsessed with tatoos? How about someone who wants to have their ears pierced like mom? Bink'd is the coolest new product out there! They are little tattoos that you can use for almost anything. They are great for little kids all the way up to teenagers.

Bink'd are little tattoos that you can use for almost anything. They make cute earrings when put on your ears, they are great for on your nails, your face, on your dolly's face so that you can match and so many other places! They have a few different designs for boys and girls right now and are adding more all of the time! Yes they have them for boys too, and they are so cool!

My kids love Bink'd! Brandon just loves tattoos of any kind and Kristina loved wearing them too. These are so much more fun than regular tattoos because they can become something else. An earring or nail art. We love them and are sure that you will too! You can purchase Bink'd at Mom Audience, Baby Birthday Boutique, and Nanny Deprived. They even come in a cool little container with a cotton ball for easy application.


prophetess said...

I have no idea how to deal with my daughter and earrings and tattoos

as you know I am now Christian, and yes I rely on the grace of Christ for my weird obesssions on piercings. I have my nose done, and two sets in my ears. One tatoo

once I was saved, and read the verses, I knew we were not supposed to be doing that LOL

but because my ears are already done, do I tell my daughter NO? I mean is that not a hypocrite on the matter?

I just rely on grace, and have stopped further piercings on myself and no more tatoos..praying my daughter will at least bow out of tattoos at least LOL