Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Silikids - made with silicone

It began in 2006 as a labor of love for two friends and mothers. With growing concerns about toxic materials in children’s products, Silikids was born; a children’s accessorycompany dedicated to making safe, clean and hygienic products out of SILICONE. As mothers, they noticed that many products for babies were already made of silicone;bottle nipples, pacifiers, etc. Research confirmed that silicone was indeed a magnificent material for children due to its non-porous nature, where no bacteria could hide;its high resistance to temperatures making it easy to boil and sterilize, and its soft, pliable quality lends itself to multiple uses.

Silikids makes all sorts of products now with Silicone. They have some awesome Silipads, which are cute little knee guards that protect your little ones knees while crawling. They have bibs, glass bottles with a silicone cover so that its protected from breaking.

They even have some cool glasses. Instead of giving a sippy cup to your toddler why not give them a glass? Well because they will probably drop it and it will break. If you don't like plastic you will love these. They have a great silicone sleeve on them that will help protect them from breaking. Its also nice and grippy which is great for helping them to learn how to hold the cup, even when its wet because they spilled. We got one for Brandon and love it!!

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Silicone is:


Silicone is non-toxic and hypo allergenic. Silicone has few open pores, so it does not harboror promote bacteria or fungus growth. Because of its high heat resistance, silicone can be boiled tosterilize, is dishwasher safe, and washer and dryer safe. Silicone does not fade or retain odor, and issturdy and easy to clean.


Due to recent concerns regarding BPA, many parents are switching to BPA Freechildren’s products. Silicone offers just that solution. Silicone does not contain toxic chemicals likebisphenol-A, lead, PVC and phthalates.