Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Pull-Ups Potty Dance

I am sure that I have mentioned before about how we are in the trenches with Brandon and potty training. Its sure a long road and a road that every parent has to go down at some point. Its something that we struggled with with Kristina. She was 3 1/2 before she was fully potty trained. Kris and I weren't together then and he had her trained about 6 months before that. While she was at my house she wouldn't go and when she was at his house she would. It was a frustrating time for all.

Brandon however showed a lot of interest in the potty a lot earlier than Kristina ever did. He was about 18 months old. I knew that while he was interested I had to be on it or when I did finally decide to he wouldn't want to do it anymore. That was the first great thing that I did. From there every time he went on the potty we celebrated. We yelled and danced and hugged and jumped up and down. It made it so that he wanted to to go on the potty so that we could do that. We also have used mini marshmallows and such for rewards for when he goes on the potty. The great thing about the potty dance though is that you have it wherever you are, you never run out and can take it anywhere!

Right now Brandon gets on the potty every time when he naked but as soon as hes in undies or a pull up he just doesn't have enough time to get to the potty and pull down stuff before hes peeing. Even when hes naked the odd time he isn't even fully sitting before he starts to pee. Any advice out there? I assume that it will just take more time for him to get more bladder control. And less juice, hes a juice monster.

Pull ups wants all the Moms out there to know about the Potty dance and what a positive and happy time it can be for them and their children. There’s nothing like a bit of dancing to motivate success and make potty training something that our little ones enjoy and look forward to. You can learn more about it at

Check out this great video of mom and actress Jessica Holmes do the potty dance!