Friday, March 26, 2010

Big Fat Hen

Big Fat Hen is a growing company based in Calgary, Alberta. In 2008, our mother and daughter team searched for the perfect bedding in anticipation of a new addition to our family. We turned up empty handed, so we decided to turn our hand to design. We got rave reviews and started listening to what parents wanted; we began creating blankets and other baby products that would appeal to parents looking for fresh, fun and functional designs.

Big Fat Hen’s designs appeal to modern parents who are looking for baby products combining functionality and durability with a fresh design and look. Our products come in a variety of contemporary printed designer fabrics with the softest material we could find-creating a look that is fresh, fun and functional. They are designed and handmade with superior craftsmanship in Victoria, BC.

Brandon loves his blankets. He loves his whole bed. When we put him to bed at night, and even for his nap, he doesn't fight it at all. He crawls right in pulls the blankets over himself and snuggles right in. Hes says night night and then rolls over. If you don't walk out he rolls back over and says bye bye and rolls back over. Its adorable. He loves his blankets and loves to cuddle with them in his bed and brings them onto the couch and likes to curl up with them and share them over his and his Sissys lap.

I love finding good quality, soft, and of course cute blankets for Brandon. The size of these blankets really make it so that they can grow with your child. You could get this blanket for a newborn and use it as a blanket to lay them on to play, for their bed when they are older, for the car, and so much more. Its a great size and the prints don't scream baby. They scream modern and fun! I also love that they are handmade, so you know that some love went into them and that they are made only 3 hours away from me!

Brandon got the Nicholas Blanket for review and loves it. Its a new favorite for him. I wish that we had it a few weeks prior though, for when he was sick. When he was sick he just layed on the couch and wanted to cuddle with his blankets. His twin comforter is much to big to bring onto the couch so this would have been perfect. We love his blanket and I know you will too! Check out Big Fat Hen.


Unknown said...

These look so cute and warm and cuddly!

Jaymie said...

I want one for me! haha.
Those look sooo cozy and snuggly!!