Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Childish Notions

Childish Notions searches high and low to find you the best of the best for you and your family. They are moms and so they know what its like as a mom. They know what its like when your colicky baby won't let you put her down and when your fussy toddler hates dinner, and lunch, and breakfast. They have tested out all of their products on their own kids and guarantee that they will work as great for you as they did for them!

Childish Notions sent us the Crane humidifier in a frog. Its is the cutest humidifier I have seen on the market. I love that I don't need to keep it in my bathroom cupboard, I just don't have room. Our humidifier sits on Brandon's bedroom shelf as decoration.

The humidifier isn't just a pretty decorations though. Its a great humidifier. Here are some of the great benefits:

-Adorable child-friendly design
-Whisper quiet operation
-Built-in night light

- Auto shut-off function when water tank is empty
-Supports easy breathing - Instant relief from heating & cooling
-Variable humidity control
-Removable water tank for easy carrying and filling
-Low power consumption Up to 11 hours running time per tank

Childish Notions carries so many great products your sure to find something or lots of things that you want/need! They have items for feeding, bath time, nursery, traveling and soon potty time!

Keep watching for more on Fun and Funky Mommy about Childish Notions and a great giveaway too!


Shell said...

We had the frog one and it was awesome. It got lost in our move, though. :(