Thursday, January 7, 2010


Soak is modern care for fine fibers. This rinse-free formulation is perfect for washing your laciest lingerie, your softest sweaters, swimwear, workout gear, hand-made quilts and even baby clothes. Soak is gentle and deliciously scented with fabric-friendly ingredients that revitalize fibers so they look great and last longer.

Soak is biodegradable, non-toxic and has eco-friendly packaging. Get fresh with your fibers.

We were sent some samples of the Soak and they smell amazing even through the package. I have used Soak in the past and I love it. Its great for washing your bras, lingerie, swimwear and more.

Soak is available in 4 fresh fragrances plus Scentless- for your sensitive side.

Citrus has the delicious smell of “fresh-squeezed clean”.
Aquae is a “purely elemental” scent that’s like a breath of fresh sea air.
Celebration smells intoxicating though it’s really just ‘good clean fun’.
Scentless keeps your hand-washables (and sensitive skin) completely fragrance-free. Just a fresh and ultra-clear way to take care of the fine fibers you care about most.
Flora is a lovely spring fragrance that will make you “stop and smell the fibers”

I am picking up some new bras tomorrow and you have to take good care of them or else they just don't last like they should for the price your pay. I will only be using Soak on my new bras!

You can purchase Soak at boutiques and shops all over the world, to see where you can get it near you click here.