Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dezign with a Z

Dezign With a Z develops appealing Vinyl Wall Decals based on designs by young creative and talented Designers from Europe and the US.

Wall Decals are the most stylish home decorative products right now. Easy to apply, easy to remove , Wall Decals are a very modern and creative way to decorate your walls and give new looks to a room in just a few minutes… a total re-wallution for your home! On the Dezign With a Z website you can browse a large selection of contemporary slick Wall Decals for your home and office decorating needs. You can also learn useful tips on how and where to use your Wall Decal.

One Dezign With a Z specificity is to manufacture the largest wall decals you will find on the market along with a wide panel of colors (over 24). With Dezign, wall is the limit! Check our Super Size section.

DeZign wall decals are also:

- a modern & affordable way to decorate your home or even your office space (tell your boss it's time to get rid of these cheap looking corporate paintings!).
- fun and so easy to install! Just check the demo video for yourself!
- removable wall decals : even after years you can remove them without damaging surfaces.
- similar to hand painted designs or murals.
- long lasting and durable.

We also provide the following services:

- custom wall decals : from your Art Work file or from a simple jpg picture we can manufacture your dream wall stickers.
- a great gift idea as you can especially customize one for your parents or your friends!

All our Dezign Wall Decals are manufactured in the US!

We received some adorable decals from Dezign with a Z! Kristina got some butterflies to go in her room and Brandon got a whole bunch of dots all in different shades of blue for his room! I put Kristina's butterfly's up right away. She loved them and noticed right away that they were all different. I thought it was two sets of two identical butterfly's, but as no two butterfly's are the same and Dezign with a Z kept that in mind when designing their butterfly's!

I am so excited to paint Brandon's room and put up the dots. I have his room painted in camo right now and I am not very happy with it. It looks ok from a distance but as soon as you get closer to it you can tell I did it by hand and its all uneven and the edges of all of the shapes are very sloppy.

Having these pages of dots makes me even more excited to repaint a solid color and have some professional shapes put up. It will just make his room look that much more put together!

Kristina's decals were so easy to put up. All you do is peel off the clear side of the decal and place it where you want it on the wall. Then you take something like a credit card and rub the back of it to get all of the bubbles out and get it nice and stuck to the wall. You just peel of the back page of the decal and presto. You have a gorgeous wall!

Dezign with a Z has a great sale on right now. Check it out and save! $10 off and a free dot pack!