Thursday, November 19, 2009


At Pedoodles they make it their business to ensure growing little feet are surrounded by quality and comfort! That’s why all of their fun-loving 2009 styles are made with super soft, lab tested materials and fitted with recycled PedFlex™ rubber soles that are not only good for toddler toes; they’re good for the Earth as well! This season, they welcomed nine snazzy new, ultra-flexible, Eco-friendly styles to our growing lineup. They’re perfect for the healthy development of toddler feet and feature a generous dose of style — just for fun!
They are a very reasonable priced shoe considering they are great for your childs growing foot, are eco-friendly, and of course, are adorable. They range from $18-$36 and we have an awsome coupon code for you.

We got a pair of Trailblazers for Brandon and I absoltly love them. They have a suede like top and are very light and flexible. I was looking at a cheap shoe store the other day and couldn't believe how heavy their shoes were and how solid the sole. Not the case with Pedoodles. You can fold these shoes in half no problem.

Just a few of the great features of Pedoodles are

PedFlex™ Flat-Rubber Soles
Going barefoot is excellent for foot development, but it isn't always practical. When walking outside or on rough surfaces, tender skin needs to be protected. Our exclusive PedFlex™ flat-rubber soles are the answer. These lightweight and extremely flexible soles provide protection, durability, and traction -- important for outdoor use.

Soft & Flexible
Young feet are incredibly soft and pliable. Any footwear you put on them should be the same. Pedoodles are not the hard, stiff "bucket" shoes of the past. We've designed them to be soft and flexible, with plenty of "wiggle room" for developing toes and feet. Our shoes naturally flex and form to your child's changing feet.

Seamless Footbed
All Pedoodles have soft, flat insoles that create a seamless footbed for tender young feet. The absence of any arch support helps to simulate barefoot walking conditions, which experts recommend.

Now heres the coupon code you have been waiting for! Use code funandfunkymommy for 20% off untill the end of December 2009.