Tuesday, November 10, 2009


With a focus on food related necessities for babies and kids, the OOTS! products distinguish themselves from the crowd by offering refreshing, modern designs with real functionality.

The OOTS! design savvy, so far, has been applied to baby bibs, melamine dish sets, and lunch boxes. Other day-to-day products that are screaming for an edgy, original and elegant new treatment are in the works!

OOTS! was started in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2004 by Arian Roefs (Managing Director) and Godfried Konings (the Designer), both originally from The Netherlands. A Dutch Design sense and no-nonsense approach are staples of this enterprising duo.

The name OOTS! is a tribute to Sjaan, Arian's mom (top right): Anytime anything surprises her, she utters this deadpan exclamation, and then continues with the business at hand.

It was with Sjaan that OOTS!' first product, the bbib, originated. Sjaan has been making clothes her whole life, and for her grandchildren she always crafted baby bibs with sleeves, made from terrycloth towels. She did this for the owners' first born as well. These sturdy, practical bibs-with-sleeves turned out to be crowd-pleasers everywhere. Friends and even strangers in restaurants were wildly enthusiastic, and so they became the inspiration for the bbibs...... and OOTS!

The lunchbox was actually on Oprahs O list! I got to try one out in blue. I got the deluxe lunchbox that comes with the containers for inside. It comes with one large container that fits perfectly in the bottom and four smaller containers, two stacked on top of two. Then there is a colored but clear lid that you have to squeeze to put on top. That's where I had a hard time. It took some playing to figure out how to get the lid on, its a tight fit. Once I knew that you had to squeeze it though it works great.

There is an elastic strap that covers the top of the lunchbox and you can put one of your water bottles under if you want! This lunchbox is great for kids and is nice enough and modern looking enough for me to use myself.

All materials used are food safe and kid-friendly: made from BPA-free and phthalate-free polypropylene and safety tested for lead. The lunch box and containers are dishwasher safe (top rack) and the containers can be used in a microwave.

OOTS has offered my readers a 30% off discount code! That's a lot! Use code oots30 to get 30% off any of their dish sets of bbibs