Sunday, November 15, 2009

Little Green Star with a great coupon code!

Little Green Star's dream is for us to be green with them. They want to provide families with products that align with their sustainable values. So, whether you buy organic fruits and veggies, drive a hybrid car, or teach kids to recycle, our products are another way to celebrate your way of living.

Little Green Star is about inspiring kids to learn about the world around us and to develop their own ideas on ways to care for the earth. When you do well in school, you get a gold star. When you do well for the environment, you get a green one.

We received a "my dad recycles more than your dad" tee for Brandon in a 3t. Its adorable. Its off white and super soft being an organic cotton tee. The quality is fabulous and the prices are very reasonable for what you are getting. Only $20 for a 100% organic cotton tee printed with water-based inks.

Their sizing is bang on, its the only 3t shirt I have for Brandon that is actually to big. He can get away with it because its short sleeved but it does look sloppy. Definitely go with the size you are, not a size up.

There are lots of cute designs to choose from. There is Bee Green, With a little Devotion we can save the ocean, Ladies don't litter, and My other ride is a hybrid.
Little Green Star has generously offered all of you a great coupon code! This isn't some measly 10% off either. They have offered you 30% off code! That's great on already great prices! Use code 30LGS until December 15th, just in time for Christmas. Feel free to share the coupon with friends and family!