Thursday, October 1, 2009


Innate: Clean designs born of considered thinking produced through progressive and ransparent business practices.

Your planet. Your choices. Your gear.
Based in Vancouver, Canada, Innate is surrounded by water, forests and mountains that our team enjoys year round. We draw on inspiration from this beautiful region to create cleanly designed gear made from environmentally progressive materials that helps people lead healthy, active lives. Our product collection includes food and beverage containers and travel accessories.

The Innate team has shared beliefs that extend outside of our 9-to-5 workday, beyond our product line. We are committed to being a progressive participant in our global community by following transparent business practices and supporting organizations that provide clean, safe drinking water to people in developing communities around the world.

Innate-Gear has some awesome stuff out there in terms of outdoor gear. They have lots of stainless steel water bottles and vacuum bottles, and kids sippy cups, water bottles, and food storage containers, all in stainless steel of course. They also have some of the fastest shipping I have ever seen. It arrived so fast!

We got to try out the Me-Me gripper stainless steel sippy cup. Its one of my favorites now, I always reach for it first. It only leaks if you shake it upside down and even then not a lot. We love that, I am sick of cleaning up spilled juice from my floor from no spill cups. Ironic? It has removable handles and holds 7.5 ounces. You can even purchase another lid so that when your child grows out of the sippy cup stage you can get any of their other lids for it from a straw lid to an open lid. This cup can last through your child's whole childhood.