Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dali Decals

Dali Decals is the place to go if you want to do up your child's nursery or bedroom. Instead of having to paint again and again if you are like me and want to rearrange and redecorate all of the time. Its so much easier to order some wall decals from Dali decals. They arrive quickly and are a breeze to put up.

You can put up and take them down and put them back up again. If you are moving you can take them with you, and there are so many designs to choose from. They have so many great ideas about where you can put them and what to do with them. There are designs for the nursery and your child's room, your bathroom, kitchen, living room and more!

I choose the big "Love" design for my living room wall for the center of all of my family pictures. I haven't put it up yet because I just don't seem to have any time to rearrange all of the photos, with the help of my 19 month old, but will put it up soon. I am so excited about it, even my husband is. I will make sure to post a picture once its all up. From reading all of the reviews you can tell how easy it is. They sent a little plastic rubber with the decal, sort of like a credit card, to rub it on.
Dali Decals come in so many colors and are all custom made. You go through and pick out which design you like and then can choose the color. It is custom to you and your house. We love our Dali Decal, stay tuned for the photo of the finished product!

Dali Decals has offered my readers a 5% off coupon code on anything in their store right now and if you spend $50 you get free shipping (US only) Use code FunFunky5OFF to get your 5% off! It expires Oct 31st.