Thursday, September 3, 2009

Labels 4 kids

Labels 4 kids was kind enough to send us a bag full of labels for both kids. Kristina got labels for her school supplies, clothes and a really cool bag with her name on it. Its a vinyl bag that has a flower and her name on it. We are going to use it as her gym bag for school, it just has extra clothes in it in case she gets all dirty or muddy at school so she has a change of clothes. You can put your child's name on it or a flower or their schools name etc.

We also got some labels for Brandon, including the labels for sippy cups, etc and clothes but the coolest thing we got was some ID bands. They are blank on the inside so that before you put them on you can fill it out with your child's name and your contact info. When you put them on your child the info goes on the inside so nobody can see it unless they cut it off. I love that if you go somewhere big, like the zoo, you can put this on your children and know that if they are found there is a way of contacting you. This is especially great for little children because they can't necessarily tell the person who their parents are or their phone number.

they have some really great stick on labels for clothes which I loved. You just stick them onto their coats or sweaters or shoes and then they don't end up in the lost and found! They have some iron on ones as well but I haven't used those yet, I like the sticky ones just for ease of applying but when I run out of those I will use the iron on ones. We love the labels for Brandon's other things, like toys, sippy cups etc, they don't come off in the wash, we don't have a dishwasher, but they have been washed lots and don't come off! Gotta love that, they still look new, not all worn out and Peeling off!
We love our Labels 4 Kids. Don't forget about all of the other great labels they have including, iron on, stick on, and of course the vinyl and shoe labels! Check out these great allergy labels! Great for kids with allergy's!


marieke said...

Love these, will have to check them out - thanks!