Monday, September 14, 2009


Kokopax, llc was founded in 2007 in Henderson, Nevada by Sarah Spoor. While taking care of her four young children, Sarah was introduced to the vintage lightweight carriers her parents had used to carry her. Sarah and her husband immediately recognized the amazing benefits of being able to carry their infants so easily and still take care of their other kids, cook, attend school activities and travel freely. The baby backpack carrier became a necessity for everyday life. Her challenge with the original carriers was that they weren’t very attractive.

On a trip to the Northwest, Sarah came across some beautiful fabric patterns that inspired her to think of ways she could combine modern fabrics with the simple functionality of the older carriers. With that idea in mind, she embarked on a mission to develop a stylish, modern and lightweight framed infant carrier that could be used every day, everywhere.

What a brilliant woman. She took an ugly product that worked well and turned it into a beautiful product that still worked great! She has some gorgeous and modern prints that are fun yet some are very gender neutral so that Daddy can wear them too! I love a Daddy that likes to carry babe too!

We got to try out one of the sun hats from Kokopax. Its an adorable hat. It has quite a wide rim which is great for keeping the sun off of Brandon's blonde and mostly bald head. It also has a great chin strap with velcro. Brandon is notorious for taking off his hat, as most toddlers are, and this helped him keep it on.

Whether you are looking for a diaper bag, baby backpack, or sun hats be sure to check out Kokopax. I also have a 10% off coupon code for that good until Feb 2010! Use code fafm2009