Friday, September 11, 2009

Hold it Baby with discount code

Hold it baby saved me on our week long holiday out to Alberta. We hooked Brandon up and it gave him way less to whine about. Admit it. Blindly rummaging through the backseat to grab your child's dropped (or thrown) toys has nearly driven you off the road. Picking up dropped snack cups, books, or stuffed animals from a public floor is just plain gross. And the 5-second rule on a sippy cup or pacifier that's hit a restroom or restaurant floor? Forget it! That's why Hold it Baby was invented.

The Hold It Baby comes with three lanyards; each is designed to secure a child’s favorite item(s). Select a lanyard and attach it to the connector by snapping the male buckle half into the female buckle half on the connector.

Adjustable Lanyard with Small/Large Silicone Bands

The small, clear silicone band at the end of this lanyard can be used to hold a sippy cup, small book, crayon box, small toy, some action figures, a small stuffed animal, or a drink bottle.

The large, clear silicone band can be used to secure a larger book or larger stuffed animal.
NOTE: The silicone bands can be stretched to accommodate many different sized objects but are not infinitely expandable. Some care is required to ensure that the ring is not stretched to the breaking point.

Adjustable Lanyard with Snaps

This lanyard can be attached to a snack cup handle, child’s fork/spoon with looped end, toys, video game case, or any other object that has a loop through which to thread the lanyard.

Adjustable Lanyard with Plastic Clip and Small/Large Silicone Band

The clip portion of this lanyard attachment can be used to attach part of a small stuffed animal (we suggest attaching the stuffed animal via an ear, arm, or leg), cloth book or small blanket. The larger silicone band will hold a larger book or stuffed animal.

This was seriously a miracle for us on our trip. We were able to attach Brandon's sippy cup, some toys, and his snack cup. We were also able to un clip some of the lanyards when he fell asleep because he didn't need so much on his lap. This was great, I would recommend it to anyone with kids.

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